Here's A Look At The Updated Xbox Game Studios Roadmap For 2023 & Beyond
Image: Klobrille on Twitter

Yesterday's Xbox Developer Direct gave us release dates for a couple of upcoming Xbox first-party games, as well as the announcement of Hi-Fi RUSH, and therefore it's a good time to take a look at the upcoming slate of XGS titles.

Fortunately, the supremely talented Xbox fan Klobrille over on Twitter (who also made the image you see above) has put together a clear roadmap of what's to come for Xbox Game Studios in 2023 and beyond, and it's a pretty big list!

Here's A Look At The Updated Xbox Game Studios Roadmap For 2023 & Beyond 2
Image: Klobrille on Twitter

This year alone, we've got GoldenEye 007, Age of Empires 2, Hi-Fi RUSH, Minecraft Legends, Forza Motorsport, Redfall, Starfield, Ara: History Untold, Age of Empires 4 and (hopefully) Ghostwire: Tokyo to look forward to, and we're still holding out a little bit of hope that Hellblade 2 and Avowed could show up by the end of 2023.

And then we've obviously got the likes of Fable, Perfect Dark and more in the pipeline, which hopefully aren't too far away at this point. Fingers crossed we might see those games in 2024...

So yeah, exciting stuff! Let us know how you're feeling about the upcoming Xbox Game Studios lineup down below, and don't forget to give Klobrille a follow on Twitter for more great Xbox-related designs.

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