Xbox Boss, Again, Promises To Keep Call Of Duty On PlayStation
Image: Activision

Head of Microsoft's gaming division Phil Spencer has today been asked a lot about the future of Activision Blizzard under the Xbox banner. One question, in particular, that came up was in regards to Call of Duty, and whether or not the company would continue to release the series on PlayStation.

As long as Sony is willing to cooperate, it will happen according to Phil Spencer.

Phil Spencer: "If what you’re trying to propose is that Sony might change the terms of how we ship games on our platform, then that would prohibit us from shipping on their platforms.”

The FTC, later on, asked Spencer if he could promise under oath to bring Call of Duty to Sony's PlayStation cloud service, but was cut off by the judge before a response could be provided.

Reports prior to this hearing suggest Sony refused to sign Xbox's initial 10-year Call of Duty offer and in an email dating back to January last year, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan mentioned how he was confident Call of Duty would continue to be on PlayStation "for years to come".

Sony has also raised concerns about Call of Duty becoming a second-rate experience on PlayStation under Microsoft ownership.

So, Call of Duty would definitely continue to be delivered on PlayStation under Microsoft ownership. What are your thoughts about all of this? Comment below.