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Microsoft has been very upfront about offering Sony 10 years of Call of Duty on PlayStation following Xbox's Activision Blizzard acquisition, an offer also extended to Nintendo this week. Even though the likes of Nintendo have now accepted the deal, the PlayStation owner is yet to accept anything of the sort, even if Microsoft believes it's better than Sony's current contract with Activision Blizzard.

Speaking to CNBC after yesterday's EU court hearing, Microsoft President Brad Smith had lots to say on the acquisition and how Xbox believes it is offering "a better deal for Sony".

"So when we bring out a new version of Call of Duty on Xbox, it will be available on Sony PlayStation on the same day, on the same terms, with the same features. It [the deal] really ensures parity.

I think everybody who has looked at this would say it's a better deal for Sony than the one they have right now with Activision Blizzard that will expire next year..."

While we've heard about these ensured levels of parity before, this is the first time we've heard Smith talk about Sony's current contract with Activision Blizzard - namely when it actually expires. As things stand, it looks like PlayStation's current Call of Duty exclusivity deal runs out in 2024.

Even with such a short notice period left on that existing deal, it doesn't seem to be pushing Sony into signing anything with Microsoft. This week, the PlayStation owner again failed to reach an agreement with Xbox on the future of Call of Duty if Microsoft's acquisition goes through.

Here's a snippet from CNBC's interview with the Microsoft president, including all the talk on Call of Duty:

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