Phil Spencer Addresses Recent Controversial Comment About Starfield

Not so long ago, Xbox boss Phil Spencer appeared on a Kinda Funny podcast right after the launch of Redfall, and it's safe to say the chat made waves within the Xbox community. One of Phil's more, shall we say controversial comments back then, was a tidbit on Starfield and what the game could achieve as an Xbox exclusive. Well, the boss has now addressed that comment; hinting that he probably should have worded it differently.

During the KF interview, Phil said "There's no world where Starfield is an 11/10 and people start selling their PS5s" as a way to frame that, basically, Xbox will remain behind PlayStation in popularity for the time being - regardless of Starfield's reception. In a new interview with the Guardian, he tackled last month's comment head-on:

"The part I didn’t like about what I said was, quality games is critically important to our strategy. So it’s not that Starfield getting at 11 out of 10 isn’t our goal – although, that’s a silly way of putting it. I don’t know if I’m gonna use review scores as the mark of all quality. But making the best Starfield is absolutely our goal. I want to build the absolute best games we can."

So, while Phil doesn't wholly retract what he said to Kinda Funny, the Xbox boss wants fans to know that building amazing games is a massive part of the team's strategy moving forward, as you'd hope and expect from Microsoft.

Anyway, while we're not exactly sure how Starfield will review, we're more confident than ever in Bethesda's upcoming RPG being huge for Xbox after the game's recent developer deep dive. Seriously, this game is looking epic and we hope that it can mark a turning point for Xbox and Bethesda.

Did we all overreact to Phil's comment last month? Let us know what you make of his new statement on the matter.