Two Games Are Available Today With Xbox Game Pass (June 22)

It's time for a couple more Xbox Game Pass additions! Today sees the arrival of Need for Speed Unbound on EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and we've also got a brand-new release in the form of The Bookwalker: Thief of Tales.

Keep in mind that neither of these are available on the service at the time of writing — we're expecting both go to live at some point later this afternoon (UK time).

Here are more details about each of today's new Xbox Game Pass titles:

Need for Speed Unbound - Xbox Series X|S, PC, Cloud

"Race to the top, definitely don’t flop. Outsmart the cops, and enter weekly qualifiers for The Grand: the ultimate street race. Pack your garage with precision-tuned, custom rides and light up the streets with your style."

The Bookwalker: Thief Of Tales - Console, PC

"The Bookwalker is a narrative adventure in which you play as Etienne Quist, a writer-turned-thief with the ability to dive into books. Use your powers to journey between reality and book worlds, and steal legendary items like Thor's Hammer and Excalibur to restore your ability to write."

Interested in either of these new Xbox Game Pass titles? Tell us down in the comments.

Which Of These Will You Be Playing? (205 votes)

  1. Need For Speed Unbound60%
  2. The Bookwalker: Thief Of Tales40%