Tell Me Why Is Totally Free To Claim On Xbox Throughout June 2023

For the third year in a row, Xbox has announced that Don't Nod's 2020 narrative adventure Tell Me Why will be completely free to claim throughout the month of June courtesy of the "Play With Pride" campaign.

There are no catches to this, so anyone can grab it! All you need to do is go on the Xbox Store, look for "Tell Me Why Chapters 1-3", and you should see that the price has been removed altogether.

In our Pure Xbox review of Tell Me Why (which you can read at the link above), we called it a "thought-provoking narrative adventure that will stick long in the memory", praising its "imaginative and emotional tale that isn't afraid to address mature topics along the way".

We'll throw the description for Tell Me Why down below, along with a few screenshots.

"Tell Me Why is the latest narrative adventure game from DONTNOD Entertainment, the studio behind the beloved franchise, Life is Strange. In this intimate mystery, reunited twins Tyler and Alyson Ronan use their supernatural bond to unravel the memories of their loving but troubled childhood."

Have you played Tell Me Why? What do you think of it? Tell us in the poll and comments below.

What Score Would You Give Tell Me Why? (195 votes)

  1. 10/10 (Outstanding)11%
  2. 9/10 (Excellent)7%
  3. 8/10 (Great)12%
  4. 7/10 (Good)11%
  5. 6/10 (Not Bad)3%
  6. 5/10 (Average)4%
  7. 4/10 (Poor)3%
  8. 3/10 (Bad)1%
  9. 2/10 (Terrible)3%
  10. 1/10 (Abysmal)18%
  11. I still haven't played it!29%

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