One of the biggest Xbox releases of this week arrives tomorrow (or today if you're buying the Elite Edition) in the form of AEW: Fight Forever, which marks the first ever major video game release from the popular All Elite Wrestling.

There's been plenty of hype surrounding the game prior to release, so how has it fared? Well, we gave it a "Good" 7/10 score here at Pure Xbox, praising it as a "fun wrestling game that doesn't take itself too seriously".

We've seen a lot of different opinions about this one so far, so here are a few other reviews:

CGMagazine (9/10)

"AEW: Fight Forever is a triumphant return to the wrestling ring for THQ Nordic and Yuke’s, recapturing the magic of their original, simple gameplay and amazing customization with yet a third wrestling organization."

VGC (4/5)

"AEW's first game gets a lot more right than it does wrong. Its Story mode may be a little short and it may be lacking when it comes to customisation options, but its solid in-ring combat system, its sense of humour and its emphasis on violence make it a viable, edgier alternative to the glossy WWE 2K series."

Nintendo Life (7/10)

"As a self-proclaimed spiritual successor to WWF No Mercy, AEW had big wrestling boots to fill. While it doesn't quite surpass THQ's classic N64 grappler in terms of pure gameplay, it's nevertheless a highly entertaining wrestling title with a pleasantly silly story mode and some frankly ridiculous weapons-heavy match types."

Game Informer (6.25/10)

"If nothing else, AEW: Fight Forever has potential. I’m happy to have a more arcade-style wrestling game, especially one based on a major promotion. The gameplay has a strong foundation, and when it's firing on all cylinders, the action channels the simple fun of the ‘90s and early 2000s. The rest of the package just needs to catch up."

IGN (6/10)

"AEW: Fight Forever may have the audacity to challenge the current king of wrestling games, but despite its fun-loving spirit, strong sense of style, and solid fundamentals, it fails to execute on a level that comes anywhere close to its potential."

Push Square (5/10)

"AEW: Fight Forever is an incredibly faithful tribute to 90’s wrestling gaming, and it’s clear that a lot of love has gone in to ensure the presentation, gameplay, and atmosphere all harken back to that time with unyielding accuracy. But the world has moved on, and more importantly, wrestling games have moved on, and the dogged determination to honour what came before has resulted in a title that will ultimately prove incredibly divisive."

As you can see, the reviews are a little bit all over the place here, ranging from high praise to fairly critical. The Metacritic rating is sitting at a high of 69 right now (for the PC version), and it seems it'll settle around that 65-70 area.

If you're interested, AEW: Fight Forever is available to pre-order now on the Xbox Store for £49.99 / $59.99, or you can pick up the Elite Edition and start playing today for £62.99 / $71.99.

Will you be trying this one out for yourself? Let us know your Game Pass plans for this week!

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