It's been a long time coming, but it looks like Starbreeze Studios might have finally nailed down a Payday 3 release date. According to regular Microsoft Store leaker ALumia_Italia, the co-op shooter sequel is launching on September 21st, 2023.

That's according to MS Store backend data, which in itself also hints that we might see pre-order info and more details go live for this one real soon. At the time of writing you can only wishlist the game on PC via Steam - no console store pages are live just yet, at least for the public.

However, the team has committed to a console release via its FAQ page, saying that the move to Unreal Engine has allowed them to sync up PC and console development.

"Yes, PAYDAY 3 will be available on PlayStation and Xbox. Now that we’re developing the game in the Unreal Engine we can ensure that the PC and console versions are the same game and not separate games."

So, while we don't have absolute 100% confirmation that all versions of Payday 3 will drop at the same time, we are expecting the game to launch day and date on Xbox as well as PC - on Sept 21st if this leaked store data is accurate.

We've seen very little of the game in action so far - in fact, we've only really witnessed cinematic teasers at this stage. Starbreeze says that gameplay is coming this summer though, and we happen to have a couple of showcases on the horizon here in the next week or so. Let's hope we get some confirmation of this info in the coming days!

Are you looking forward to Payday 3? Let us know down below if you'll be picking the game up when it launches.