Game Pass Developer Explains Why Xbox Achievement Was Removed From Title

Now, this is something you don't see very often! April Xbox Game Pass addition Homestead Arcana contained an unobtainable achievement, as discovered by players after launch, and the team at developer Serenity Forge actually worked with Microsoft to have the achievement removed.

The culprit was the ironically named 'You Can't Be Too Prepared' cheevo - a 100G achievement that tasked players with crafting every item in the game. Well, it was impossible to obtain, and speaking to IGN, the team has explained how the mishap occurred.

"The achievement was the result of some miscommunication between our development team and Skybound's production team and it was never supposed to be in the game to begin with,

We at Serenity Forge care very deeply about our Xbox fans as well as the amazing folks on the Xbox team and we're really sorry that this caused so much trouble and confusion."

Upon removal, the game redistributed that 100 gamerscore across other existing achievements in Homestead Arcana - achievements that are obtainable of course.

On the surface this doesn't sound so remarkable, but this is something you basically never see. Plenty of games out there contain Xbox achievements you can't earn — either through a bug or something like an online server closure — and they remain live and unobtainable to this day.

Regardless, Serenity Forge managed to get this one fixed up, and we're curious to see if this becomes a more common occurrence in future titles.

Are there any Xbox cheevos out there you'd love to see fixed up? Let us know!