Back in February, developer Flying Wild Hog launched its 'next-gen' version of Shadow Warrior 3 - although the move didn't really go down well at the time. The new version ended up being more taxing on Xbox consoles, particularly Series S, which ran at a lower frame rate than the Xbox One version running through backwards compatibility. Thankfully, the team has made some changes and it's great news for Xbox players.

The big new feature is that a 60FPS Performance mode has been added to Xbox Series S. This new high frame rate mode now sits alongside the existing Quality mode option, which of course guns for better graphics instead.

That's not all either, as the game has been improved across the board on Xbox. Visuals and performance have been tweaked for better results on Xbox Series X and S, while the dev has also fixed some stability / crashing issues on current-gen Xbox consoles.

This is fantastic news, and it looks a real exhaustive effort from Flying Wild Hog which is much appreciated. Let's hope Shadow Warrior 3 now runs as intended on Xbox Series X|S, and remember, it's still on Xbox Game Pass as well!

Are you gonna give Shadow Warrior 3 another go on Game Pass? Let us know!