Shadow Warrior 3: Definitive Edition finally arrived on Xbox Game Pass yesterday, after it had previously leaked as an upcoming addition to the service some weeks prior. While the game's new title suggests that Flying Wild Hog's FPS has been enhanced — it is now classed as 'optimized for Xbox Series X|S' — early user reports are suggesting that isn't really the case on Xbox Series S.

Various users of Microsoft's Xbox Series S system have taken to Twitter to complain that the new version of Shadow Warrior 3 is actually worse than the previous edition. While the reports of a 30FPS "cap" don't appear to be true, it definitely doesn't seem to hit 60FPS very regularly as many had hoped.

The console's subreddit is also starting to see complaints crop up as well, as Shadow Warrior 3 players try and figure out why the Definitive Edition isn't running as efficiently as expected.

We can't verify these findings ourselves as we haven't played the game on Xbox Series S yet, but according to Fuzion Xbox Testing, it seems like the Definitive Edition is using an unlocked frame rate on the console that bounces around anywhere from 30FPS to 45FPS for the most part. Many of the reports repeatedly point out that the old version was running at 60FPS on Series S, before the team 'enhanced' it for current-gen consoles.

This sort of ordeal is becoming a bit of a trend with Xbox Series S, and we'll have to wait and see if the team patches the game after launch, as is often the case. This week, Shadow Warrior 3 joins EA's Wild Hearts as a title that doesn't seem to have been optimised as well as we'd like for Xbox Series S.

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