A big part of today's Forza Monthly livestream was dedicated to the upcoming Forza Motorsport - right after we got confirmation of the official launch date during the Xbox Games Showcase. While the showcase trailer was brief, today's look features over 10 minutes of footage showing off the brand-new career mode.

It sounds like Turn 10 is going all-in on progressing from cheaper, slower cars right up to the biggest, baddest hypercars you can imagine. The team says it's heard from fans that they want this sort of long-haul progression in racing games - it's very much a core piece of the new Forza Motorsport.

That design philosophy extends to car levels as well. Each car has its own progression system, and a new on-track sector mechanic helps you level up faster. The courses will be cut up into segments that track your times and how good your driving is - do well on these segments and your car will rank up even more quickly. Turn 10 even cracked out the 'CARPG' term in describing Forza's new career progression.

Forza Motorsport Campaign Gameplay Introduces RPG-Like Progression
Image: The Forza Builders Cup In Action

You can tweak lots of Forza Motorsport under-the-hood as well, adding to the game's RPG-like feel. The team has overhauled the upgrade system in the new title, with plenty of new manual and automatic upgrade options that'll allow racers to tune and customise to their hearts' content.

In terms of the actual racing itself, the dev also touched on its vastly improved physics and AI systems during the latter half of the video, which you can catch up above in the extended gameplay sections. It's all looking and sounding pretty good to us!

However, you will have to make sure that you're always logged in online to enjoy this new Forza Motorsport career mode. The team confirmed this and some of its DLC plans during today's livestream event.

Do you like the look of this new career mode for Forza Motorsport? Drop your thoughts at the finish line down below!