We have a date! Turn 10 has officially drawn up a finish-line date of October 10th, 2023 for Forza Motorsport; the series' big reboot coming to Xbox Series X|S and PC following a six year hiatus.

As ever, the game looked absolutely stunning during its showcase appearance - and we spotted a good few reflective nods to the game's ray tracing features here! Turn 10 does know how to deliver on the visuals front.

Having said that, we'd have liked them to deliver a bit more footage here, but, no fear! The team will be bringing a deep dive to Xbox fans at 11am PT on Tuesday, June 13, right after the Xbox Games Showcase Extended event.

We'll be taking to the track on Xbox in just a few short months when Forza Motorsport leads the pack on October 10.

"Out-build the competition in the all-new career. Race your friends in multiplayer. Compete in 500+ cars on world-famous tracks with cutting edge AI and advanced physics."

Which car & track combo are you most excited to test out in Forza Motorsport? Drop your thoughts down below.