Forza Developer Working On Mobile Game That'll 'Focus On Car Customization'
Image: Forza Street, Microsoft

Turn 10 Studios may be hard at work on its huge console racer Forza Motorsport, but that hasn't stopped the team from branching out and working with other developers on different projects. As part of a press release from developer Hutch, Turn 10 is confirmed to be supporting development on a new mobile title.

It sounds like Turn 10 will be working in a consultancy role of sorts - Hutch is the lead developer on this mystery mobile game. It will be car-related though, as you'd probably expect for a title that turns to the Forza dev for assistance.

"This new game will be a celebration of car customization and automotive culture. Our two studios began discussing the joint project in 2020 and together we were keen to take advantage of Forza's world-leading gameplay and visual style, alongside Hutch's experience in mobile live ops. And so the partnership was formed, rooted in our shared desire to create a platform leading automotive gaming experience."

So, the team at Hutch mentions "Forza's world-leading gameplay and visual style", but it hasn't yet been confirmed whether or not this title will be a part of the Forza series or not. For now, all we know is the game will "focus on car customization as a core gameplay mechanic".

"We set out to build a fresh and unique game tailored to a mobile audience, offering engaging gameplay that players can enjoy on the go. The new game, due to be fully revealed in due course, will focus on car customization as a core gameplay mechanic. Hutch will be leading development of the title, with creative input and guidance from Turn 10."

Microsoft has taken Forza to the mobile world before with Forza Street, but that game closed down last year after a few years on the market. Could this be some sort of successor to that? Who knows! For now, we only know that this new project will be a car game with input from Turn 10 Studios.

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