EA Sports PGA Tour Adds Xbox Series X Performance Mode In Update 4.5

The excellent EA Sports PGA Tour just got even better on Xbox Series X today, as the game's latest update (4.5) includes a special Performance Mode - increasing the frame rate from 30FPS to 60FPS.

This Performance Mode includes lower resolution and visual fidelity than the standard Quality Mode, but the benefit is that you'll get "smoother camera motion and animation". Ultimately, the choice is up to you!

Nothing has been mentioned about a Performance Mode coming to Xbox Series S as of yet.

We'll throw the rest of the Update 4.5 patch notes for EA Sports PGA Tour down below:


  • “Round Settings” have been added to the scorecard screen, so that settings such as wind speed and course conditions can be referenced while in gameplay.


  • Global: Reduce popping of bushes and tall grass during hole flyovers on a number of courses.
  • Banff Springs: Reduce shadow popping during hole flyovers.
  • LACC: Add grandstand behind hole 2 green and remove grandstand behind hole 11 green.
  • LACC: Fix for missing stairs on the greenside grandstand at hole 14.
  • LACC: Removed green awnings from the clubhouse.
  • LACC: Removed all visible mow lines.
  • LACC: Fix LACC flag on the right side of hole 1 not reacting to wind.
  • LACC: Fix tree branches clipping through the concrete pillar underneath the bridge at hole 9.
  • LACC: Replace USGA tee markers with U.S. Open tee markers.
  • Oak Hill: Fix for shadow popping in bunkers.


  • Update Jessika Korda’s round 2 and 3 outfits.


  • Fix for the "Dominican Open" tournament in Career mode showing "The Players" branding.
  • Update logo on U.S. Open ball marker to be more clearly visible.
  • Update caddie bibs to use the latest U.S. Open logo.
  • Update images in the store on some gear to use the latest U.S. Open logo.


  • Event Info Screen now displays Gameplay Style and Swing Mechanic for the upcoming round.
  • Equipment: Backing out of the select loft screen will now display specs for the selected type of club instead of always displaying specs for fairway woods.
  • Quests: Fix for "Quest Complete" popup showing unlocalized text for items.

General Stability

  • Fix for a number of crashes and softlocks related to network disconnects in a variety of areas of the game.
  • Improvements to crash reporting metrics.
  • Additional crash and stability-related fixes.


  • Visual improvements to some hairstyles, fixing instances where lighting was unintentionally reflecting off head texture which caused hair to look thinner than intended.
  • Fix for rare occurrences where button spamming after restarting a match or requesting an unplayable lie would cause the golfer to move to an incorrect location on the course.

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