Xbox Store Gets Update On Browsers As Part Of New Accessibility Update

Yesterday, Xbox celebrated its "commitment to accessibility" as part of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, sharing a whole bunch of ways that the team has been working to support the brand's Gaming & Disability communities.

This includes updated accessibility support pages on the Xbox website, new accessibility settings on the Xbox app for PC, lots of accessibility features in some of the most recent Xbox first-party games such as Forza Motorsport and Minecraft Legends, and much more. You can find the full details on Xbox Wire.

"To meet the needs of over 427 million players with disabilities, and create a platform where everyone feels welcome, safe, and represented, we know that accessibility awareness and support is something that has to happen every day and has to be part of the community culture.

What this support resembles will vary based on the player, but ultimately, accessibility at Xbox is all about creating gaming experiences that everyone can enjoy."

One of the other features that Xbox has implemented is an improved Xbox Store experience on, which is much speedier, easier to view and includes over 20 accessibility filters, making it simple to sort through the full selection of titles.

There's an image showcasing these changes up above, and the improvements are already live on a specific page on the Xbox website.

"It’s easier than ever to find your next favorite Xbox games! A new update on the Microsoft Store on now allows users to filter and search games based on their accessibility needs and preferences, as well as search for games based on their Supported Language, with over 17 supported languages."

In late April, the teams at Xbox and Turn 10 Studios showcased how they're bringing a suite of new accessibility features to the upcoming Forza Motorsport, which you can see in action alongside some new gameplay down below.

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