In a new ViDoc style trailer from Xbox, the team at Turn 10 Studios has detailed a range of "Blind Driving Assists" coming to the brand-new Forza Motorsport - in turn creating "the most accessible Forza Motorsport ever".

The assists range from menu narration, text-to-speech/speech-to-text options and UI modes, to colourblind features, blind driving assists and "one touch driving" - enabling users to create a highly customised experience.

Xbox and Turn 10 have detailed a huge list of accessibility categories, which we'll include down below to show the sheer scale of these efforts. If you want to gather a bit more info about each option, check out the Xbox Wire blog post for more details.

Forza Motorsport Accessibility Features

  • Blind Driving Assists
  • One Touch Driving
  • Screen Narrator
  • Dynamic Audio Description
  • Text-to-Speech/Speech-to-Text
  • UI Colorblindness Modes
  • World Colorblindness Filters
  • Controller Remapping
  • Subtitles
  • Audio Customization Settings
  • Opponent Difficulty
  • Text Scaling
  • Contrast
  • Moving Backgrounds

The video also shows us a little bit more gameplay for the upcoming title, which is always welcome, but clearly the focus is on all of these new accessibility options for now. We'd expect to see a more in-depth look at gameplay during the Xbox Summer Showcase this June.

All in all, this looks like a huge effort from the team to make Forza Motorsport a game that's made for absolutely everyone, and we applaud their efforts in making the upcoming racer something that we can all enjoy.

Are you excited to see every new feature packed into Forza Motorsport? Let us know down in the comments.