Xbox Adds Some Wild Game Pass Categories, Including One For Titles That Show Character Legs

Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service, and like most subscription services, Microsoft allows users to browse the library by all sorts of different categories to find the games they want. These are typically separated by genre or other similar kinds of differentiating factors, but now, the team is starting to create some, err... different categories for Game Pass titles.

In a new initiative dubbed 'Find Your Niche', Microsoft has established three new Xbox Game Pass categories to help you find the exact game you want to play. Need to be able to see your legs in a first-person game? You're in luck! Here are the first three Find Your Niche categories Xbox has come up with:

  • 'We Demand You See Our Legs'
  • 'Wild Weapons'
  • 'Cute x Chaotic'

We've talked enough about that downright bizarre first option, but the other two are interesting as well. 'Wild Weapons' curates games that specifically use weird and wonderful weapons (like Sunset Overdrive and its vinyl record launcher), while 'Cute x Chaotic' sees Microsoft "showcase the duality of humankind" in a selection of titles.

Rather than try to explain this any further, we'll drop the trailers for all three new Xbox Game Pass categories down below:

We Demand You See Our Legs

Wild Weapons

Cute x Chaotic

Do any of these weird new Game Pass categories jump out to you? Let us know if you'll be browsing them!