'The Last Case Of Benedict Fox' Is Getting Mixed Feedback On Xbox Game Pass

You'd be forgiven for missing it, but yes, The Last Case of Benedict Fox is now available on Xbox Game Pass, and has been so for the last few days. While the indie metroidvania was quite hyped up before release, it arrived just as Star Wars Jedi: Survivor was launching, which certainly hasn't helped with visibility for the new Game Pass title.

Reviews and impressions have been light so far too, but we've done a little bit of browsing to see what folks are saying about the game. The few early critic reviews available are very positive, but fan feedback has been mixed, with players disappointed with bugs, glitches and performance issues on Xbox at launch.

Here's what a couple of early reviews say about The Last Case of Benedict Fox:

NoobFeed (9/10)

"The Last Case of Benedict Fox's beautiful visuals will keep you hooked from the get-go. The mechanics are simple enough that even novice players won't have trouble getting the hang of the gaming. Both the story and the level of challenge are excellent, preventing the game from ever seeming stale. Anyone who enjoys platformers should give The Last Case of Benedict Fox one a try. It is a fantastic showcase of what can be done in the platforming genre, with stunning visuals, engaging gameplay, and a memorable cast of characters."

Try Hard Guides (8.5/10)

"Throughout your time in The Last Case of Benedict Fox, players will be confused, intrigued, frustrated, and rewarded for the effort that they put in. While the combat isn’t the best in the show, the exploration and mystery-solving aspects will likely be enough to keep players coming back for more. It will be really exciting to see the theories and community that build around what has the makings to be a cult classic."

As mentioned earlier, fan feedback so far is less positive. While the game has an early "mostly positive" rating on Steam, players have noted severe bugs and performance issues on Xbox Game Pass so far.

We'll be keeping an eye out in the coming weeks to see how feedback on this one changes and evolves, but right now, it might be worth tempering your expectations for this Xbox metroidvania. The Last Case of Benedict Fox is on Game Pass though, so if you're interested, why not give it a go yourself?

If you have tried this one out, what score would you give it so far? Vote in our poll and let us know!

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