Star Wars Jedi: Survivor dropped late last week, with fans of a galaxy far, far away now having a good weekend to get stuck into EA's latest franchise entry. It doesn't appear to have been the smoothest launch of all time, but critics were very impressed with what Respawn Entertainment delivered in its sequel to 2019's STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order.

We're looking at a mid-80's Metacritic score right now, so, has that tempted you to pick this one up on Xbox? If you've been playing it on Xbox Series X|S, how has your experience been so far?

We took a good look at the game across both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in our recent Jedi Survivor comparison video and came away largely impressed - especially across both 30FPS options on the two consoles. We only played through the opening few hours, but it sounds like PC players are suffering the most with bugs and glitches right now.

Having said that, some Xbox players have encountered a major save error that's halting game progress in some instances, so certain issues are shared across systems. Have you run into anything like this? Or have things been smooth for you so far?

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