Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
Image: Electronic Arts, Respawn Entertainment

The video game protagonist Cal Kestis is back this week in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and while the game's been critically praised so far, from a technical perspective on the user end it's not going so great right now.

PC is the platform that seemingly has the most problems (with Respawn and EA issuing an official statement mentioning how the team is looking into the current issues), and there have also been some bugs here and there on consoles.

On the Xbox front, veteran journalist and Twitter user Andy 'ultrabrilliant' Kelly, who also happens to be Devolver Digital's PR Manager, has supposedly encountered an "extremely weird error message" when loading into a save - essentially preventing the game from being played, to the point even a "fresh save" didn't resolve the issue.

"Loading the 'good' save does jack s***. Still getting the same error message over and over again. Tried a fresh save, relaunching the game, rebooting the console. Nothing...Requested a refund."

As you can see above, the image shows an "unexpected error" has occurred, with the text mentioning how the player has bypassed certain story elements and continuing to play may cause issues. The player is given the option to load the "last good save" or proceed anyway with the risk of a "broken" experience. In the end, a refund was requested - with the transaction expected to be refunded by Star Wars Day.

Although this issue apparently happened on Xbox Series X, save issues in Jedi: Survivor at the moment is not isolated to any specific platform. Users across all systems have been reporting save issues with 'PSA' even being posted on Star Wars game subreddits - warning others of "major game-breaking bug".

In its recent statement, EA said it would continue to monitor performance "across all platforms" and share an update as soon as it was available.

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