We're exactly a week away from the day one arrival of Planet of Lana on Xbox Game Pass, and there's definitely been a lot of interest in this cinematic puzzle adventure over the past couple of years - ever since it was announced in 2021.

The question is, is it any good? According to EDGE Magazine, the answer is a resounding yes! In an exclusive first review, the outlet gave Planet of Lana a fantastic 9/10 score, as you can see in the tweet below:

Aside from the snippet in the image, we can't share anything from the actual review just yet (the latest issue of EDGE Magazine is only just starting to ship to subscribers), but clearly there's a lot of positivity behind this one already.

As confirmed by the Planet of Lana team, the embargo for all other reviews will be lifted on May 22nd, which is one day before the game arrives on Xbox Game Pass on May 23rd, 2023. Not long to go now!

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