Just Like Halo Infinite, 'LEGO 2K Drive' Battle Passes Won't Feature Time Limits

2K has detailed how it'll be handling post-launch support for the upcoming Lego 2K Drive, and we quite like the sound of what they're going for here. As is the norm nowadays a battle pass system will feature, but just like the way 343i handled Halo Infinite, the racer's passes won't be time limited.

So far, four total 'seasons' have been revealed, running from June 2023 through to Spring 2024. Each seasonal pass will contain 100 levels for players to speed through, and there'll be both a free and paid track for users to choose from.

LEGO 2K Drive

As you can see in the image above, you'll be able to race through these tiers "at your own pace".

"The Drive Pass seasons do not have time limits! Pick up and play each season at your own pace!"

Much criticism was levelled at the content and earn rate of Halo Infinite's early battle passes, but the ability to switch between different reward tracks was always a nice feature as it takes away some of the pressure of finishing a pass in a certain time limit.

As for Lego 2K Drive, the upcoming open world kart racer hits Xbox platforms later this month, on May 19th.

Are you going to be playing Lego 2K Drive? Happy with this news? Let us know what you make of it!

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