Alan Wake 2 Supposedly Aiming For October Release Date On Xbox Series X|S

Despite little information on what Alan Wake 2 actually is or what the game will look like on Xbox Series X|S, its release date could be right around the corner. Developer Remedy has always been gunning for a 2023 release with this long-awaited sequel, and one of the game's voice actors may have just revealed a more specific launch window.

Speaking to the Monsters, Madness and Magic YouTube channel over the weekend, Alan Wake voice actor Matthew Porretta reiterated that work was ongoing for Alan Wake 2, and that the game is "supposed to come out in October".

"I've been working on it [Alan Wake 2] - that's supposed to come out in October. We're in the middle of working on it now, in fact, I was just in Finland the last week with the companies from Remedy - amazing people."

According to the channel's host, Remedy actually contacted them before the interview went live to try and get this section removed, but it seems like the video was already scheduled and the host wasn't able to course correct - which is discussed in the video's YouTube comments section.

That little tidbit adds even more weight to Remedy's supposed plans, so we reckon the team is indeed aiming for October 2023 with Alan Wake 2. Maybe we'll get full confirmation at either the PlayStation Showcase this week, or the big Xbox Games Showcase on June 11th? We don't have long to wait now!

Are you excited for the follow up to Alan Wake? Let us know if you'll be diving into the sequel this October.