Xbox Turns Sony's MLB The Show 23 Into Official Custom Series S

Xbox shocked the gaming world when it was announced that Sony's MLB The Show would be launching day one on Xbox Game Pass three years ago, and that's actually been happening every year since. Now, the latest version of the game (which we have to stress, was created by Sony), has been turned into a custom Xbox Series S!

As usual with these custom consoles, you can't actually buy this one - instead, it's being given away in a social media competition which you can enter following the rules below. Still... this is pretty mindblowing!

The design looks pretty cool as well. It's received some very positive feedback so far, with a lot of Xbox owners and baseball fans hoping to get their hands on this custom Series S as the one lucky winner. Something to note, however, is that the outside is just a "housing case", and you're ultimately supposed to take it off before you start playing!

In terms of MLB The Show 23 itself, you can obviously play the game right now on Xbox Game Pass, and we had some good things to say in our review last week, giving the latest entry a "Great" 8/10 rating.

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