Xbox Players Advised To Change Multiple Settings In Ghostwire: Tokyo

Today's the day for Ghostwire: Tokyo on Xbox Game Pass! The game arrived for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC (and Xbox One as part of Xbox Cloud Gaming) earlier today, and players have begun sharing their first impressions.

And those impressions are... well, they're a little mixed. Some people are really enjoying the game, but others have pointed out that there are a lot of FPS drops in Performance Mode, and the controls also feel quite sluggish.

In terms of the latter specifically, we've seen quite a few suggestions about how to improve the feeling of the game by changing various settings. So, if you want to make a few adjustments, here's what you can do:

Even though we've seen some mixed feedback about the game in these early hours, the reviews on Metacritic have actually generated a higher average than the PS5 version so far, currently sitting at an 84 for Xbox Series X.

Despite our best attempts, we weren't able to obtain review access for Ghostwire: Tokyo on Xbox ahead of release, but we'll nevertheless have a review to share here at Pure Xbox in the near future.

How are you finding Ghostwire: Tokyo so far on Xbox Game Pass? Tell us in the comments below.

What Do You Think Of Ghostwire: Tokyo So Far On Xbox? (409 votes)

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  4. It's not that good really8%
  5. It's terrible!7%