Xbox Fans Spot Another 'Project Keystone' Appearance Thanks To Phil Spencer's Shelf

Yesterday, Xbox boss Phil Spencer made another on-camera appearance as he welcomed more of the world to the delights of PC Game Pass. While that was the sole focus of the short clip, fans have once again been scouring the man's shelves to see if they feature any more hidden Xbox secrets.

To our eye we couldn't see much new, but once again, Xbox's cloud gaming device 'Project Keystone' is in full view here. Despite the device being basically delayed indefinitely, it seems to be keeping its spot high on Phil's shelving! Check it out in the clip below, right next to the Halo Infinite Elite Controller:

There's also a whack-off sword up there that some are claiming could be related to Obsidian's Avowed, while some are stretching even further to make some sort of link with Xbox and Alan Wake 2.

Of course, these comments are mostly in jest and fans are simply having a bit of fun, but it is interesting to see Project Keystone remain on display even as an unreleased prototype. Will the streaming device ever see the light of day? Who knows, but Phil seems to enjoy its company at home.

Do you think Project Keystone will ever launch? Let us know your thoughts down below!