Ukraine The Latest Nation To Pass Xbox's Activision Blizzard Acquisition

It's not all doom and gloom for Microsoft when it comes to the ongoing ActiBlizz deal! The Ukrainian government has announced this week that it is happy for Xbox's acquisition of the company to go ahead.

Yep, despite hitting a major stumbling block here in the UK, the Eastern European nation seems satisfied with Xbox's pitch for buying the Call of Duty maker. The country's Antimonopoly Committee authorised the deal on April 27th, 2023.

In the committee's statement, the CMA verdict was indeed mentioned, along with the UK authority's concerns about the cloud gaming market. However, Ukraine said that Microsoft and Activision Blizzard currently do not provide cloud gaming services in the region, so that isn't a concern for the country's Antimonopoly Committee.

Speaking of cloud gaming, Microsoft is already pressing on with more 10-year ActiBlizz agreements. Earlier today, the Xbox owner announced a deal with Spanish cloud streaming provider Nware in the hopes of strengthening its position in enabling fair market conditions for cloud gaming.

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