As Ubisoft moves forward with various stages of XDefiant beta testing, the team is opening things up more and more. This time around, there's no NDA tied to the ongoing closed beta, which is now live on Xbox Series X and S.

To gain access to this latest beta test, you'll have to grab an Xbox code from Ubisoft. To do this you can either register online and hope to get selected for testing, watch one of the team's 'Partnered' livestreams, or redeem a multi-use code like the one provided below (at the time of writing, this XDefiant beta code can still be redeemed on the game's official website):

For now, we can't see any website mentions of XDefiant for Xbox One - you can only select Series X and S as the available Xbox beta platforms. We're not entirely sure if the full game will remain cross-generation — as it was announced in 2021 — but for the purposes of this beta test it's Xbox Series X|S only.

As for the game's full launch date? At present, XDefiant doesn't have a firm Xbox release date, with Ubisoft continuing to develop the title alongside the community to make sure it's ship shape and ready to go for its full launch. For the full range of closed beta dates, check out the article down below.

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