Upcoming Xbox FPS Redfall is part of 'IGN First' for the month of April, and that means that some of the team at the gaming & entertainment outlet have now played Arkane's shooter first hand.

And over the weekend, that has resulted in a proper look at some authentic Redfall co-op gameplay. We say authentic because while any footage from Bethesda & co. is much appreciated, clips like the one above show a closer representation of how this game will actually play when fans get their hands on it.

While certain YouTube comments are quick to point out the rather haphazard approach to gameplay presented by IGN here, we'd much rather see this than even more super-polished PR footage. We've seen lots of that for Redfall so far - it's now great to see some less polished gameplay.

To us, Redfall looks like it has the potential to be much more chaotic than we first imagined! Again, this is just one approach to playing Arkane's new title and we've been reassured plenty that the game will play well in single player. Just take note that things may become a lot more action oriented in online co-op!

Whichever way you're planning to play, Redfall hits Xbox Series X|S and Xbox Game Pass on May 2nd, 2023.

What do you make of this fresh look at Redfall in co-op? Leave your thoughts on the video down below.