Poll: Would You Rather Have EA Play Or Ubisoft Plus Included With Xbox Game Pass?

Believe it or not, it's now been over two years since EA Play joined Xbox Game Pass Ultimate back on November 10th, 2020 (which was also the launch day for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S), and we've been making a lot of use of that partnership over the past few years with the likes of FIFA, Battlefield, Star Wars and much more.

There's no sign of that partnership ending anytime soon, but something we are seeing is Ubisoft Plus launching on Xbox for the very first time. The company suggested quite a long time ago that the service wouldn't be part of Xbox Game Pass in any form, although some fans are still keeping their fingers crossed!

Hypothetically, let's just say that Microsoft gave you the choice to have either EA Play or Ubisoft Plus included as part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Which would you pick?

Personally, this writer would probably stick with EA Play for the aforementioned titles along with the likes of Need for Speed, It Takes Two, Titanfall 2 and many others, but at the same time I'd love to finally get my hands on the likes of Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Far Cry 6 and Riders Republic with Ubisoft Plus!

We'd love to hear your personal preference - you can give us your vote in the poll below.

Would you rather have EA Play or Ubisoft Plus as part of Xbox Game Pass? Tell us in the comments!

EA Play Or Ubisoft Plus? (3,247 votes)

  1. EA Play46%
  2. Ubisoft Plus46%
  3. I don't care for either!8%