We saw some interesting new Xbox announcements at the ID@Xbox April 2023 Showcase today, but the one that arguably stole the show was The Explorator, described as a "semi-open fantasy FPS" with a comic book art style.

There's no release date for this one just yet, but we've got plenty of details to share courtesy of The Explorator's official Steam page, and you can also check out the stunning trailer up above. Keep in mind this game is being made by just two people right now - it's the brainchild of a game developer based in Lyon:

"The Explorator is a semi-open fantasy FPS, as an explorer you take your courage in both hands to set foot on the most dangerous island of the known world, Ospolis."

"Legends say that the legendary city of Atlantis lies beneath this island, which has been suddenly overrun by goblins and monsters that have emerged from the bowels of the underground tunnels drilled by unwary explorers confident of finding the famous city."

  • Realistic FPS, each bullet is deadly, one bullet is enough on the right enemy, and the explosives will kill for sure the bigger monsters
  • Inventory and weight management: feel free to collect or buy items that will help you in your expedition, but you won't be able to carry everything
  • Characters to meet who will sometimes give you quests
  • Exploration rewarded by unique items and places
  • Weapon and armor upgrades, character talent choices
  • Relics to find that will give you unique characteristics

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