A little over a year ago we got official word that a new Crysis game was in the works, as developer Crytek continues to build a "truly next-gen shooter" in the form of Crysis 4. Since then, we've heard very little about the game's progress, but a new hiring video posted by the team does at least tell us one thing - the game will feature a campaign mode.

The short clip, posted up above, is essentially a plea for the game developers of the world to help Crytek bring Crysis 4 to life, and it looks like single-player will be a big focus for the developer. "Come help us build the next campaign", the team writes.

"A CRYSIS is coming. We need your help."

Crytek is still looking for a lead producer, a lead AI programmer, and a lead environment artist to work on Crysis 4, and we're not expecting this one to launch anytime soon - the dev warned us of that anyway during last year's announcement post.

At this point it's been 10 years since Crysis 3 launched, and we're happy to wait a few years more to allow Crytek to build its vision for a new game. We're just glad that the game's campaign mode looks to be a big focus for the team!

Are you hyped for Crysis 4? Let us know what you want from the next installment!