Crysis 4 xbox

'Can it run Crysis?' The famous phrase was thrown around like nobody's business 15 odd years ago, as Crytek's debut Crysis game put PCs around the world through their paces. In the years following, two sequels arrived that were admittedly more catered towards console players, before the series was thrown into stasis for a good while. The question is: what will we see from the return of Crysis?

Believe it or not, it's been 10 years to the day since Crysis 3 came to Xbox right at the end of the 360 generation. 10 years! At the time, Microsoft's seventh generation console could hardly handle what Crytek was delivering with its third series entry, and we reckon the team could unleash something really special on Xbox Series X and S. We know they're working on Crysis 4 is some fashion and all we can say is - bring it on!

The Crytek Engine has long been known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to visuals, but typically, the hardware available has never properly kept up. Sure, the Crysis Remastered Trilogy at least rectified the glaring issues of Crysis on Xbox 360, but still, those were games moulded for 7th gen consoles and we can only imagine what the team could cook up for current-gen systems.

Moving on from visuals for a moment, the Crysis games are actually really solid first-person shooters. Sure, they're nothing wholly revolutionary when it comes to the actual shooting, but each game in the series delivered a different take on the FPS to create a pretty damn fun trilogy overall.

Crysis was quite open in nature, with the island setting providing a massive physics-fuelled playground to mess around on. Crysis 2's setup was more linear, but seeing a completely reclaimed New York City never got old. And then, Crysis 3's crossbow & tall grass combo was almost iconic - we can still see that incredible-looking foliage swirling in the wind to this day!

crysis 3

And you know what, we think we're more than ready for 'Crysis 4' at this point. If Crytek can blend together the more freeform nature of Crysis 1 with the ridiculously impressive set piece action of 2 and 3, Crysis 4 could be something truly impressive. Xbox Series X and S have finally delivered hardware that can be suitably matched to a new Crysis game - we just need Crytek to finally deliver the goods.

Are you ready for Crysis 4 on Xbox Series consoles? What would you like to see from it? Leave a comment down below!