There's a lot that's been said about Square Enix's apparent reluctance to release games on Xbox in 2023, and today's announcement has only added to that narrative, with LIVE A LIVE now coming to PlayStation and PC in April 2023.

That means the beloved RPG will be available on Nintendo Switch (released in 2022), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC as of next month, but there's unfortunately no sign of an Xbox version in the works.

"In 1994, the original LIVE A LIVE released for the Super Nintendo, exclusively in Japan. It was a distinctly different type of RPG - rather than tell one epic, continuous narrative, it focused on eight tales spread throughout time, from prehistory to the distant future.

This new game resurrects the classic game for modern audiences around the world with the stunning HD-2D visual style as featured in OCTOPATH TRAVELER II and a beautiful, rearranged soundtrack fully supervised by original composer, Yoko Shimomura."

As things stand, we're not expecting to see any Square Enix games on Xbox in 2023, and the likes of Forspoken, Theatrhythm Final Bar Line and Octopath Traveler II all failed to arrive on the platform at launch earlier this year.

Of course, things could change and we might see a Square Enix game pop up eventually - it's only been a few months since Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion launched on Xbox after all - but so far, it's been a barren 2023 on Xbox.

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