Is 'Forspoken' Coming To Xbox?

Update (Tue 13th Sep, 2022): We've seen more interest in Forspoken from Xbox fans recently, so we thought we'd republish this guide to provide some extra visibility. The short answer - it might happen, but not for a long time!

Original story (Thu 21st Jul, 2022): Thankfully, timed exclusives are becoming less of a thing these days, especially from the Xbox side of the industry. Still, they exist and remain pretty common on PlayStation. One such title is the upcoming Forspoken from Square Enix, and its recent delay means we'll have to wait even longer to play it on Xbox Series X and S, bummer!

The upcoming action RPG is now launching in January 2023, as its planned 2022 launch clashed with God of War: Ragnarok's November release. As a result, it won't come to Xbox platforms any earlier than January 2025, due to a two-year exclusivity window. 2025!!

The two-year exclusivity notice was mentioned in a PS5 promo for the game:

Forspoken Window
Image: PS5 Promo Showing 2-Year Exclusivity Window In Fine Print

It's also important to note that this is just the earliest we may see it crop up on Xbox. The situation is broadly similar to the Deathloop and Ghostwhire: Tokyo exclusivity situation at Bethesda, albeit a year longer with Forspoken.

Thankfully, Xbox's early 2023 slate is looking pretty stacked, so we don't mind waiting a bit longer to be honest. Starfield, Redfall and Forza Motorsport are all slated to launch on Xbox Series X and S within the first half of next year.

Are you looking forward to this one eventually hitting Xbox? Let us know!