Party Animals was announced for Xbox Game Pass this time last year, and it was always intended to have a 2022 release date, but the game's developer has revealed it has gone through "production hell" recently.

In an update on Steam, it was explained that there are now three times as many people working on the game as there were in 2020, and therefore "communication and process problems led to a significant decrease in efficiency."

"When the number of people reached a certain size, communication and process problems led to a significant decrease in efficiency. Also, since the game studio is in Shanghai and everyone has been working from home for two months, this is a new efficiency challenge. We will now use more frequent meetings, tools, and processes to improve efficiency and development schedule issues."

"'Production Hell' describes this particular phase, a term Tesla Motors uses when expanding capacity. The same problem CDPR, Rockstar, and other established studios encounter when they are working on a brand new project to expand their staff ... even though they are already very experienced. I hope you can understand that this can be a phase that a game development team has to face."

Despite the "production hell" issues, the intent is still to launch Party Animals in 2022, but "with possible delays due to quality and compliance approvals". It's also been confirmed that over the past two years, almost everything in the game has been redone by the developer "to provide more gameplay, better game performance and immersion".

When it finally does arrive, Party Animals will allow you to "fight your friends as puppies, kittens and other fuzzy creatures" in physics-based online and offline battles, very similar to how the ultra-popular Gang Beasts does it.

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