Minecraft Dungeons phil spencer

Xbox may be struggling to strike a deal with Sony over Microsoft's Activision Blizzard deal, but it doesn't seem to be stopping other agreements going ahead between the two gaming rivals.

During yesterday's State of Play livestream, Sony announced that Xbox's Minecraft Dungeons is coming to the PlayStation Plus library next month. Such a deal might not be quite as monumental as one relating to Call of Duty, but still, Phil Spencer seems pretty happy that it managed to go ahead.

The Xbox boss has taken to Twitter to express his excitement about bringing the Minecraft spinoff to even more players - across different devices and services no less.

Of course, this is a rather timely PS Plus addition. Xbox is continuing to make its case to various regulators over the ActiBlizz deal - a case that is largely built around Xbox bringing its games to more platforms, whether those platforms are owned by Microsoft or not.

Xbox is certainly trying to help its acquisition case with deals like this, along with the company's recent Nintendo and Nvidia agreements. Let's see if it all pays off for Xbox!

Is this a good move for Xbox to be making? Let us know your thoughts down below.