xbox playstation eu court

After today's EU court hearing regarding Xbox's purchase of Activision Blizzard, the landscape has changed significantly. Nvidia has agreed a deal with Microsoft, Nintendo has entered an agreement with Xbox - things are looking up. However, there's still the small matter of PlayStation owner Sony, who doesn't seem willing to budge.

On-the-ground reports are now emerging that Microsoft and Sony failed to come to an agreement on the deal today, February 21st. Both companies were present at an EU court hearing earlier on to discuss the finer details of Xbox's Activision Blizzard deal.

Eurogamer's live blog on the hearing shows Microsoft President Brad Smith holding up a contract the company had drawn up for the PlayStation owner - a contract that ultimately wasn't signed by Sony. Call of Duty-focused outlet CharlieIntel is also reporting that Microsoft had an agreement "ready for Sony to sign" at the hearing.

Microsoft hasn't yet disclosed exactly what this contract contains, and the company likely won't do so until it manages to agree on such a contract with Sony. Clearly, the PlayStation owner is still not happy with what Xbox is offering up.

We're not sure when Xbox will next meet with PlayStation to discuss the deal, but we do know of the upcoming investigation deadlines set by the three main regulators. The EU case wraps up on March 23rd, the UK CMA investigation is set to close on April 26th, while the US FTC has given itself until August 2nd to make a decision on the deal.

Will Sony ever agree to this deal? Leave your thoughts on today's news down below.