'Rock Band' Tweet Goes Viral As Hyperkin Asks Epic Games To Make A New Version

We're still having a fantastic time with Rock Band 4 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S to this day, but unfortunately it's not getting the attention it deserves for one big reason - the instruments are so expensive as they're no longer being produced. Seriously, the prices are crazy, particularly if you're a drummer.

There's a lot of fondness out there for Rock Band regardless, and a recent tweet from former Rock Band accessory creator Hyperkin conjured up a lot of feedback from fans of the series. In the tweet, Hyperkin asked Epic Games (the new owner of Rock Band) to join forces and make Rock Band 5:

The tweet received lots and lots of attention, but perhaps not in the way Hyperkin expected. While many people shared the sentiment that a new Rock Band would be fantastic, the biggest calls were for Hyperkin and Epic Games to work together so they could build some new peripherals for Rock Band 4 instead.

Hyperkin then acknowledged this, concluding that "the main point is getting y'all some new peripherals".

Epic Games hasn't said anything about the feedback to these tweets as of yet, but we live in hope that we may see either a new Rock Band game or just some new Rock Band peripherals at some point. Rock Band 4 is still getting new DLC on a weekly basis (and it's good stuff!), so it's real shame to see such a vast library of content go to waste due to the scarcity of guitar and drum controllers on the market.

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