Xbox 360 Controllers Are Officially Coming Back Thanks To Hyperkin 3

The Xbox 360 controller, for our money, is one of the very best in gaming history. It refined the original Xbox pad just enough to create something special, and well, it looks like we might be able to experience using it again soon on modern platforms!

Third party manufacturer Hyperkin has revealed that it's set to create some 'new' Xbox 360-themed controllers that work across Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. If you recognise the name, this is the same company that brought back the Xbox 'Duke' controller for modern consoles, including a few limited edition variants.

Xbox 360 Controllers Are Officially Coming Back Thanks To Hyperkin 2
Image: Hyperkin

Sadly, this does mean that the new 'Hyperkin Xenon' 360 controllers will be wired - as is the case with most third-party pads on Xbox. Still, it'll launch in four variants — white, black, red, pink — so you can set your desired flavour of Xbox 360 nostalgia into overload.

For now, the manufacturer hasn't provided any provided any release date or pricing information, but the team has spoken about its excitement to be working on an Xbox 360-themed accessory (thanks, Windows Central):

"I remember when the Xbox 360 came out, it was a revolutionary experience [...] Online multiplayer, digital downloadable games, and a controller like no other. I have such fond memories with the Xbox 360, and we are so excited to bring some of that nostalgia back to modern consoles with the Xenon controller."

Will you be tempted to pick one of these up for Xbox Series X|S? Let us know your thoughts down below.