Rock Band 4 is one of the hardest games to get into these days on Xbox due to the lack of new instruments being produced for it, but if you already have them, there's loads of DLC to choose from.

In fact, Harmonix hasn't stopped producing DLC for the game ever since it was released back in 2015, and this latest DLC is a banger for fans of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, as it contains original THPS track, Superman!

This DLC batch (available March 4th) marks the end of Season 20 for Rock Band 4, and both songs will be available separately for $1.99, or together as part of Season 20's Season Pass, which includes all DLC from across the season.

Harmonix has since diverted much of its attention to the recently released DJ simulation game Fuser, but it still looks like there are no plans to end DLC support for Rock Band 4 anytime soon, which is great to see.

Are you still playing Rock Band 4? Excited about this addition? Let us know down below.

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