Arc System Works' popular fighter Guilty Gear Strive is coming to Xbox this spring, including day one on Xbox Game Pass! If that sounds like too much of a wait, you can give the game a whirl before launch with the new cross-play beta, which is now live for the coming weekend. Oh, and it's totally free!

Yep, the team has officially launched the game's open beta, which is looking to test out how it will perform across different systems. On the Xbox side of things, Guilty Gear Strive is coming to both Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles, with the beta available across both generations.

There's quite a lot of content crammed into this open beta as well! Arc System Works has unloaded 22 playable characters onto us, along with access to a bunch of game modes including 'Mission Mode', 'Survival Mode' and more.

You don't need Xbox Live Gold or anything of the sort to jump into this beta either, so yeah, if you even have just a passing interest in this upcoming Xbox Game Pass fighter, the beta test sounds well worth a go! The Guilty Gear Strive beta is live until late on Sunday, February 5th.

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