Alan Wake is an Xbox 360 gem, and ever since it re-entered the minds of us all via Alan Wake Remastered, we've been pretty hyped for the game's sequel. Remedy has been locked on to a broad 2023 release for Alan Wake 2 since it was first announced, and the game launching this year is starting to sound a lot more likely.

Although we've not seen much of Alan Wake 2 at all yet, the team has dropped some new information on how development is going. In its latest financial report, Remedy says that Alan Wake 2 is now "fully playable from start to finish", and that the team will "move onto polishing the experience" shortly.

Given how little has been revealed of Alan Wake 2 so far, we've always been a bit skeptical of it launching anytime soon, but this is very welcome news. Of course, polishing the game will take time, but hopefully Remedy gives us a firm release date in the coming months.

Alan Wake 2 Is 'Playable From Start To Finish' As Remedy Plans Polishing Phase

Elsewhere, the famous developer is starting to spin up a load of other projects. We've got Control 2 in its "proof-of-concept" phase, Max Payne and Max Payne 2 remakes in the works, and a number of codenamed titles that are in their early stages of development as well.

Remedy is sounding rather busy, then, and we're definitely glad to hear that Alan Wake 2 is coming along nicely. We've been waiting 13 years for it after all!

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