IGN has taken an early look at pretty much every version of EA's Dead Space remake, from the Xbox Series X and PS5 versions right through to how the game runs on Xbox Series S, and even Steam Deck.

The Xbox Series S version misses out on ray tracing here - as is becoming pretty common for the system. However, that doesn't appear to matter too much, as the outlet recommends using the performance mode on Xbox Series X and PS5, and that mode doesn't include ray tracing anyway.

The Xbox Series X version does appear to pull ahead of the PS5 using that performance mode as well, with the 60FPS option appearing a great way to play Dead Space on Microsoft's flagship Xbox console.

Disappointingly, Xbox Series S misses out on any sort of performance mode right now. In pre-launch review code, the game would run unlocked on Xbox Series S — providing a wildly varying frame rate as shown — but since launch the game has had a 30FPS lock put in place.

All in all, this looks like a solid remake from a technical perspective, even if we'd like to see more options for Xbox Series S users. The remake certainly ages the original Dead Space's visuals though - as you can see from this video's brief look at the 2008 classic as well!

Have you been playing the Dead Space remake? How are you finding it so far? Let us know down below.