The Elder Scrolls Online was one of the five games featured as part of the Xbox Developer Direct event today, with Zenimax confirming a June 5th release date for ESO's next Chapter on PC, and a June 20th date for Xbox consoles.

That chapter is called "Necrom", introducing two new zones each with their own quests, NPCs, challenges, dungeons and much more. The Telvanni Peninsula brings us to the eastern coast of mainland Morrowind, while Apocrypha serves as Hermaeus Mora’s realm of Oblivion.

Another major feature of this Chapter is the addition of an all-new Arcanist class, which marks the third new class to be added to The Elder Scrolls Online since it originally launched.

"The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom, launching this June, will return players to the alien lands of Morrowind, to adventure in its unexplored eastern regions. The Chapter will also introduce fans’ most requested feature: a new playable class, the Arcanist. The Arcanist will bring new abilities and mechanics and marks the third new class introduced since the game launched."

Pre-orders are available today for The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom in various forms on the Xbox Store, including an Upgrade edition and Elder Scrolls Online Collection edition.

As a bonus, Zenimax has decided to release a free limited time trial for ESO Plus beginning today, which means anyone with access to the base game can play all past Chapters (apart from High Isle) at no extra charge.

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