Bethesda has announced that The Elder Scrolls Online (or ESO if you're down with the kids) is getting a brand new expansion later this year as part of its 2022 "Legacy of the Bretons" roadmap.

The High Isle expansion will take place in an all-new region, a Breton Island Kingdom, and will apparently feature a ton of new content, including lots of gear, zones, dungeons and even a Gwent-style card game. Hurrah!

Picking up High Isle, which will set you back £32.99/$59.99, will also net you access to all previously released expansions for ESO (that's The Elder Scrolls Online if you're not down with the kids). Considering you're getting Morrowind, Summerset, Eslweyr, Greymoor and the recent Blackwood here, well... it's a pretty good deal, especially if you've yet to pick some of these up, and leaves you with an absolute ton of game to get through.

High Isle will hit PC first on the 6th of June before arriving on consoles on the 21st of June.

Of course, High Isle isn't the only thing happening with Legacy of the Bretons, and in March ESO will see the Ascending Tides DLC drop, a smaller content offering which includes some new dungeons and armour sets. There's also two unannounced DLCs, one a set of dungeons, the other more story-based content, both of which are due to hit in Q3 and Q4 of 2022 respectively.

You can check out the High Isle expansion's fancy cinematic trailer above and we'll leave you with some more PR details and a few lovely promo art shots, because we're nice like that.

Set in High Isle - Ancient island home of the Breton elite in the Systres Archipelago, explore a bountiful tropical atoll, ringed by stunning white cliffs and host to both majestic castles and dense jungles. Two areas to explore: High Isle and Amenos.

New storyline - Help stop a coup as a group of rogue knights threaten to overthrow order in High Isle.

Tales of Tribute card game - A tavern card game that allows you to compete against your fellow players and NPCs, this fast-paced, deck-building game provides a new way for Tamriel's adventurers to relax and play.

Two new companions- Ember and Isobel, have unique questlines, abilities, and personalities.

Delves and public dungeons - Lots of areas to plunder for loot.

Item sets, unique gear - New gear only available in High Isle.

Will you be diving into High Isle when it arrives in June? Do let us know in the comments.