Rebellion's latest sneaky sniper shooter launched on Xbox Game Pass last May, and at the time, we called it the best Sniper Elite game in the series so far. Since that launch the team has continued to build on the base game, and now Season 2 has been revealed, and it's launching very soon.

Let's dig into the free stuff shall we? First up, the team is bringing a new 'No-Cross' map to the game called Landing Zone. The twist here, compared to existing No-Cross arenas, is that the divide is circular rather than a straight split, with one team surrounding the other who is held up in the central part of the map.

Next up on the freebies list, there are also a bunch of free Winter-themed weapon skins coming to Sniper Elite 5 with Season 2, and they're applicable to all existing weapons in the game. Nice!

sniper elite 5 xbox

Further down the line once Season 2 has initially launched, you can expect a bunch of free and premium content to drop throughout the season. These drops include two campaign missions, six weapon packs, two weapon skin packs, four character skins, and "several free multiplayer maps" for players to enjoy.

There's no concrete timeframe on the launch of Sniper Elite 5 Season 2, or its in-season content drops, but the team says you can expect the Season 2 shenanigans to kick off "soon". Remember, the core game is still apart of the Xbox Game Pass library, so Season 2 might provide the perfect opportunity to jump back in!

Have you played the latest Sniper Elite title on Xbox Game Pass? Let us know what you think of it down below.