Sniper Elite 5
Image: via Xbox

We're big fans of Sniper Elite 5 here at Pure Xbox - awarding it an "excellent" nine out of ten stars and labelling it the very best entry in the long-running series to date.

If you're still as invested in it as we are, you'll likely be interested to know there's now a new patch available for the game. The patch notes are incredibly detailed, but the game's developer has also offered a quick summary.

In this new update, players can look forward to a new (and free) multiplayer map, new updates to Deadzone, a new field of view slider, auto run and toggle aim, and new Invasion Mode updates.

You can get more details over on the Steam community page of Sniper Elite 5. And if you are curious in this game, but haven't tried it out yet - it's available via Xbox Game Pass and has been a huge hit on the service so far.

Have you downloaded this latest update yet? Notice anything else? Tell us down below.