Sniper Elite 5: Cross-Play, Cross-Platform, Cross-Progression Details

Stealth action spectacular Sniper Elite 5 has finally arrived on consoles and is available to play from day one on good old Xbox Game Pass. Rebellion's latest Nazi-blasting adventure sees everybody's favourite elite sniper, Karl Fairburne, at the very top of his game in a campaign that we described in our recent 9/10 review as "the very best entry in this long-running franchise to date" - but there's much more to this one than just its excellent solo action.

Yes, as with other entries in the series, Sniper Elite 5's campaign missions can be played both alone or in co-operative mode with friends or strangers online, the game also boasts a brand new Invasion mode which sees players infiltrate each other's campaign missions as elite Nazi snipers, and there's a substantial multiplayer suite with Free For All, Team Match, Squad Match, No Cross and custom lobbies to jump into.

But is all of this goodness cross-platform play enabled?

The good news is that, yes, not only can players on Xbox buddy up with pals on PlayStation or PC, but Sniper Elite 5 also supports cross-gen play, so you'll be able to take on gamers who are playing on both Xbox One and PS4.

Cross-play can be turned off through the in-game menu should you wish to stick with those on your own platform, and Invasion mode can also be switched off if you wish to play without fear of being invaded by a human sniper (top tip: leave it on, it's brilliant!) In terms of Cross-Progression, we've got no firm details on this aspect of the game for now, but will be sure to update you should we hear anything further from Rebellion.

Remember too, if you're having difficulty hunting down any of the game's 152 collectibles, you can jump into our mission by mission collectibles guide to help you find any personal letters, classified documents, hidden items, stone eagles or workbenches you may have missed so far!

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